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Branding, language and strategy for Generation Z

Lara Grady | July 27, 2015

Why brands must adapt to new generations as they progress in trends and lingo. Read more

Brand Matters: What does it mean for a brand to be human?

Liana Dinghile | July 20, 2015

In this episode of Brand Matters, we speak to Liana Dinghile, group strategy director, EMEA, about why it is so important for brands to embrace humanity, and how it helps them connect to consumers all the more. Read more

Prime Day Wars: Amazon vs. Walmart – who wins and who loses?

Alyson Schonholz | July 15, 2015

Its Amazon's 20th birthday, and they're having a flash sale—but Walmart is crashing their party with their own sale. Who will be the winner and loser of this showdown? Read more

A sport full of stories lacks narration

Alexander Dale | July 15, 2015

Why do cycling brands make poor heritage brands? Here’s Siegel Gale’s take on the huge brand development opportunity for bicycle brands to shape their brand story.  Read more

New font on the block: Siegel+Gale designers weigh-in on Apple’s new San Francisco typeset

Just over two weeks ago, Apple unveiled its latest and greatest at their WWDC conference in Cupertino. Forever a brand that is affixed upon high in the mind of consumers, innovators, and entrepreneurs alike, it was a fairly quiet affair—this being an “off” year for product releases, the 2015 WWDC was focused chiefly on smaller, more “personal” developments at the company. Read more