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A fresh take on brand naming for winter storm Juno

Alison Greenberg | January 27, 2015

Winter Storm Juno is here, and it was, well, underwhelming. But that didn't stop the Siegel+Gale Brand Naming team from taking on renaming the storm and coming up with a few fun alternatives in the meantime—can you tell we're all snowed in? Read more

Brand Matters: What makes a modern brand identity?

Siegel Gale | January 23, 2015

This week on Brand Matters, we ask Anne Swan, Global Creative Director, Consumer Brands, what makes for a modern, flexible, and iconic brand identity. Read more

The Other Side of Complexity

Peter Damon | January 15, 2015

Peter Damon, Group Director of West Coast Business Development, takes a look over the wall of complexity, and sees that the grass is greener—né simpler—on our side. Read more

Brand Matters: What is the Global Brand Simplicity Index?

Siegel Gale | January 9, 2015

This week on Brand Matters, we sit down with Brian Rafferty and explore the 2014 Global Brand Simplicity Index and how—by measuring perceived "simplicity"—brands can better understand their market value to and for consumers. Read more

Branding Blocks: A short video from Siegel+Gale LA

Jenna Green | January 8, 2015

Siegel+Gale West Coast teams come together to show how simplicity is key to building big. Read more