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We believe in fact-based branding. We deploy a set of proprietary research tools to address branding challenges and lay the foundation for branding decisions.

  • Identify drivers of market share and measure brand performance

    We use a simulator that models individual share impact—identifying which brand attributes most drive preference, and measuring how your and your competitors’ brands are perceived on those attributes.

  • Calculate your brand’s contribution

    We rigorously identify the value of your brand by determining your brand’s contribution to your organization’s revenues.

  • Quantify employee brand engagement

    We measure the level of brand engagement of your employees, determining what drives it and measuring its specific impact on your organization.

  • Optimize your customer journey

    We help you understand which touchpoints have the greatest influence on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Test and validate concepts and brand assets

    Whether it’s your name, logo, campaign line or customer communication, we can determine if the asset is accomplishing its intended purpose and moving brand perceptions.

  • Uncover the emotional underpinnings of brand choice

    We help you understand the deeper emotional factors behind customers’ brand choices.

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EyeOpener: Uncover brand share drivers and equities

EnGage: Measure employee brand engagement

PinPoint: Determine touchpoints that drive loyalty

SimpLab: Measure execution on any given asset

DecisionMapper: Understand the emotional dimensions of choice