Energizing a wave of innovation

Simplifying the nation's largest utility company


After deciding to split into an upstream generation company and a downstream utility, Exelon approached us to rethink its brand strategy, visual identity and experience. The company’s mission—to be the leading diversified energy company by providing innovative energy products—had stood the test of time. Still, the brand needed more attention to uniting its disparate portfolio of companies.


We uncovered that Exelon could leverage the parent brand for its portfolio of utilities, thus unifying all six brands under the Exelon umbrella with consistent branding and positioning. This meant the utilities could go to market as an aligned set of companies vested in their local communities and with a shared commitment to providing the very best, most reliable, sustainable energy supply.


Allowing each utility to retain its name but with a shared identity system gave Exelon a chance to modernize and energize with new clarity and sustainable branding.


By focusing on its mission, we developed a strategy for renewing Exelon’s commitment to innovation and the communities it serves. In creating a new identity system, we evolved its visual identity and simplified its strategy for growing with the times and needs of its customers.


Nuanced graphic details significantly impact communicating these changes, such as switching to all lowercase letters in the logo to appear less corporate. A new logo combines a circular energy wave with the humanity that emanates from it. Incorporating the same logo and updated wordmark style across subsidiaries created a unified feel across the holdings. Every element creates shared equity and helps drive the evolution into a more harmonious and integrated utility.

The Energy Wave symbol is composed of intersecting lines containing a gradient. To create a unified feel across all holdings, the same principles used in constructing the Exelon logo were applied to the logos of its six operating companies.
We telegraphed the brand’s energy and positivity through the brightness and vibrancy of the color palette.
The iconography retains a brand consistency that is established by grid, line weight and overall design style. Consistency helps bring the brand to life, while purposefully enhancing all communications.
A secondary graphic adds depth to the visual system. We created a group of three graphic motifs called “energy motifs.” They provide the layouts with a sense of sophistication and energy by visually referencing and expanding upon the Energy Wave symbol in the logo.
Illustrations help convey messages in a more engaging and compelling way. They depict interactions with an easy-to-understand visual and are composed of multiple elements.


Indigo Design Awards—Gold, Branding for Energy