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SAP, long an industry leader, needed to make its brand stand for more than just massive ERP installation. With businesses around the world cutting budgets and turning to smaller IT solutions, the tech giant needed to evolve, not just for a changing audience, but also for changing times—an evolution that would not only win new clients, but also preserve existing ones. SAP’s leadership was ready to tell the SAP story in a way that cut through the static and connected with people, not just businesses.


When SAP originally partnered with us, it was based on a commitment to addressing customers’ ever-changing needs. We created a brand platform, including the SAP Brand Purpose and Experience Principles, clarified brand voice, developed a sharp and adaptable visual system, and a strategic framework that would enable the brand to continue to evolve.

As SAP continues to lead and acquire new cloud-based capabilities, the brand needs the necessary tools to be relevant to a new line of business audiences, as well as continuously highlighting new competitive offerings, such as SAP HANA—its groundbreaking in-memory platform. With cloud now being a major selling point of the brand, we created a developer-centric outgrowth of its primary brand platform, one dedicated to recruiting outside developers and start-ups.

Internally, a continuous focus on employee engagement has created greater cohesion of purpose across the organization. In addition, innovating on customer touchpoints and experience—including most recently with our involvement in the annual Sapphire NOW customer event—is creating greater clarity, simplifying SAP’s product portfolio, and integrating visual language across its sub-brands. These initiatives create coherence and flexibility for SAP, and are an integral part to our sustained relationship with them over the years.

Perhaps no other element summarizes our relationship with SAP better than the operating principle SAP promises to its clients—“Run Simple”—one we helped to develop and which we continuously put into practice through our partnership with them.


After nearly seven years of ongoing engagement with SAP, we continue to deliver new and better ways to help SAP in its tireless mission to simplify and deliver customer-friendly, market-savvy solutions.

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