We brought a new clarity to Wyndham’s broad reaching brand portfolio—and that’s just the start.


Wyndham Hotel Group (WHG), known for its iconic portfolio of hotel brands, including Days Inn, Super 8 and Ramada, wanted to transform its hospitality strategy to meet the needs of the everyday traveler by reimagining its 16-brand portfolio. To achieve that, they partnered with branding agency, Siegel+Gale.


“What does the guest experience of today look like?” This question, posed to Wyndham stakeholders and Siegel+Gale’s strategists, guided the beginning of our engagement with Wyndham Hotel Group. In order to enable Wyndham’s brands to meet the changing needs of today’s traveler, we needed to go deeper to find out what guests want not only today, but in the future.

Beginning with an immersive brand and experience audit to understand the complexities and needs of the Wyndham portfolio, our hospitality branding researchers and strategists began to formulate target personas for guests across the Wyndham brand. It became apparent that Wyndham had an opportunity to further define and differentiate its hotel branding within the portfolio, and dial up the delivery of each brand’s unique promise in the guest experience.

Our team deployed the Siegel+Gale proprietary EyeOpener™ research tool to identify the individual drivers of preference for each brand within Wyndham’s portfolio. The tool looks beyond revenue and traditional market segmentation as the means of determining brand value. EyeOpener™ illuminated a new way of considering the competitive landscape based on consumer mindsets rather than entrenched industry thinking: It doesn’t matter whether a hotel is labeled “upscale,” “midscale” or “economy,” guests want and expect a great experience. And that’s what Wyndham Hotel Group set out to deliver. We worked to position each brand more strategically against the competitive brands that guests view as a “set”—creating a unique strategy that optimizes the value of the entire portfolio, rather than each brand competing on its own.

This new strategy and the positioning unite, streamline and simplify brand management—creating a foundation for unlocking the potential of these brands and generating value to both WHG and hotel owners.

Once the strategy of Phase One was finalized and approved, we engaged the Wyndham leadership teams to take these new brand stories and turn them into compelling, fresh experiences so that the individual brands can now truly deliver on their new promises. Over the course of Phase Two, Siegel+Gale conducted a series of collaborative workshops that ultimately arrived at more than 1,500 ideas for consideration, which are currently being synthesized into new brand experience roadmaps. These sessions brought clarity to the goals put forth by the client and helped us to collaboratively create working plans to implement these brand refreshes in ways that will resonate not only with hotel owners but also with travelers everywhere.


With Phase One of our work completed and Phase Two well underway, we can expect to see many major changes across Wyndham’s hotel brands in 2016 and 2017—and begin to encounter an entirely revamped and re-engaged Wyndham brand experience.

We continue to partner with Wyndham to optimize the guest experience, creating brand expressions and experiences that stack up to something more than special—but truly outstanding.

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