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Whether they’re tongue-tied, unsure or reluctant, people can’t always tell you why they make decisions. But without knowing what motivates your audience, you waste time and resources on solutions that fall flat. Our team of in-house researchers has developed proprietary tools to address branding challenges and make the crucial link between brand decisions and business results. We’ll help uncover what truly drives all your stakeholders’ needs, perceptions and behaviors, giving you the data to build brand strategies, stories and experiences that propel your business forward.

We’ll answer your questions using our unique business data analysis offerings:


Learn how people really make up their minds. We’ll uncover which of your brand characteristics can drive the most share, and how you stack up against the competition.



Find out where your brand does its best work. We’ll rank each of your touchpoints based on how well it drives loyalty to help you prioritize which experiences to invest in.



Determine how to improve employee engagement and brand alignment. We’ll measure how committed your employees are, and how much they know about your brand, to identify what you can do to drive more brand champions.



Measure the effectiveness of your words, design and experiences. We’ll test any touchpoint to determine if it achieves its purpose and improves perceptions of your brand.



Uncover how people make decisions in a specific area. We’ll use structured interviews that promote deep, unbiased conversation to identify key factors in decision-making, from the rational to the emotional.



Discover what people are saying about your brand and the competition, and why they’re saying it. We’ll monitor real-time, online mentions for insights into customer experiences and perceptions.





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  • What compels someone to choose one brand over another
  • What perceptions can drive the most share
  • How do different brand architecture and portfolio strategies affect the market
  • What brand touchpoints are most important for driving customer retention and loyalty
  • If employee priorities align with your audiences’
  • If your brand is working as hard as it can at any given touch point

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