Outpacing the Competition

A challenger brand finds itself—and a larger audience


Indoor-cycling studio Flywheel, an early player in the boutique-fitness category, had big ambitions to take its business to the next level. But as the company expanded, it needed a clearer picture of its target audience—and a compelling new experience to stand out in an increasingly crowded space.


Flywheel had long assumed that competitiveness was the key driver of its target audience, and the best way to differentiate itself from competitors like SoulCycle. But our EyeOpener™ research revealed that empowerment through exercise—the feeling of being able to take on the world—resonated more. It was an idea that Flywheel could uniquely own.


With our audience insights in hand, we developed a new tagline—“Power your life”—a new brand voice, and a fresh visual identity, including a sleeker, more energetic logo. These elements served as a springboard for a completely rebuilt website and app. We designed both to extend the brand from the in-studio experience outward, while making functional actions—like booking a bike or buying a class pack—faster and more intuitive for users.


The refreshed brand inspired an evolution of Flywheel’s signature in-studio technology and post-ride data sharing

The company has introduced new offerings, including “Flywheel Anywhere,” an at-home, digitally led cycling and exercise experience

Creativity International Awards—Gold, Web Design

W3 Awards—Gold, Website Features Best Practices

W3 Awards—Silver, Fitness Website

W3 Awards—Silver, Website Experience and Visual Appeal

W3 Awards—Silver, Website Utility