From farm to table

Reinventing an Irish heritage brand for the global stage


Glanbia Ireland is Ireland’s top-class global dairy and agri-ingredients producer. Along with the broader industry, it is facing a future of intense pressure from changes in the environmental landscape, as well as pricing challenges throughout the production and supply process.  


Glanbia Ireland approached us to help them evolve the brand in line with the changing environment while retaining its rich heritage. With plans of further growth, they needed a partner to collaborate with that could offer the experience of developing brands with a global footprint, as well as a local understanding of the Irish market–recognized as one of the leading agricultural countries in the world based on its temperate climate and lush green pastures.  


Through close collaboration, we learned the company needed a self-standing and compelling brand identity to clearly establish what they stand for within the greater community. Looking to fully leverage the ambition, scale and leadership position, we had an opportunity to create a brand that could drive awareness and engagement with key stakeholders, build loyalty and trust with farmer shareholders, and provide a source of pride and identity for employees and suppliers. 


Evolving with the changing industry and highlighting the importance and value of change for progress was key. It was also vital to ensure that the brand’s global reach and scale, heritage and drive towards sustainability is clearly communicated.  


Through an engaging and inspiring naming process, we created the new name to carry the new company forward. Combining the Irish words’ Tír’ for land and ‘Lán’ for full, Tirlán evokes a land of abundance. It represents the deep connection and relationship between the Co-op, its people and the land they nurture together to farm and sustain. We balanced heritage with usability and global pronunciation by deciding to preserve one of the two fada accent marks in the name.


The new identity—comprised of a symbol, wordmark, color palette, type style and imagery—culminates in a unique symbol based on and inspired by the ancient origins of Ogham. These primitive inscriptions can be found on stone monuments throughout Ireland. This simple yet beautiful identity and name provide Tirlán the confidence and clarity to communicate their story of progress, collaboration and sustainability in the global and local market. 

Photography puts people front and center of the Tirlán brand.
The toolkit we designed expresses all of the brand elements.

Thanks to the Siegel+Gale team for their genuine care, collaboration and ingenuity in creating a dynamic new identity that reflects the heritage of our co-operative.