U.S. Army

Clear, confident, human

Redefining a storied American brand for a new generation


The U.S. Army is an iconic American institution that has served the nation for over 245 years. The Army has recently faced recruiting challenges due to a competitive labor market and a perceived lack of relatability to Gen Z’s values and priorities.


Findings from comprehensive quantitative and qualitative research revealed that youth are driven by a desire for purpose and passion–seeking personal and professional growth as well as a sense of community and belonging. While the Army offers undeniable opportunity for fulfillment in these areas, its brand lacked the platform and tools to convey its identity and offerings with conviction.


As part of Team DDB, we helped the U.S. Army express its brand in the most credible and compelling way. We did so by portraying the Army as a landscape of possibilities, communicating Army values in a consistent and authentic way, and enabling communications to thrive in a digital media environment. This comprehensive visual and verbal brand transformation was a multiyear process resulting in an engaging and contemporary representation of today’s U.S. Army.

Find your passion


The U.S Army brand identity reflects the organization’s optimism,
pride and rigorous attention to detail while establishing a platform to tell stories of
passion, purpose, community and connection.

The U.S. Army Logo 


The logo is an evolution of the legacy Army star, modernized for use in
digital media. It reinforces the Army’s brand position of endless
possibilities and the Be All You Can Be tagline by depicting the Army
star in an unboxed state without limits or boundaries.

Unmistakably Army


From a custom-designed font to the embrace of Army Green, the
identity is built to authentically express the unique culture and
characteristics of the Army. 

Rich storytelling 


Embodying the Army’s strengths of dynamism, flexibility and
responsiveness, the identity system enables a wide range of
distinctive expressions.

Moving with purpose 


Kinetic expressions are bold and uncomplicated—deliberately
choreographed to reflect the spirit of the brand.

Clear and compelling 


Proprietary iconography and data visualization styles communicate
concepts and information with directness and simplicity.

Simple, flexible and cohesive


Robust guidelines, tools and templates support the unified
implementation across the entire brand experience.


Red Dot Design Award — Best of the Best 2023

Transform Awards North America — Best Visual Identity from the Public Sector, Gold