A strategic platform for your branding process

What does your organization stand for? How is it different? And why should anyone care?

A strategic platform is a simple framework that helps you answer these fundamental questions about your brand—guiding your organization’s thinking, communications and behavior. Building a credible and actionable strategic platform requires both rigorous analysis and creative synthesis.

At the intersection of your environment, audiences and organization lies the core insight of your brand. We discover it—not manufacture it—and build your strategic platform upon it, consisting of a purpose, promise, values and voice. Purpose is the difference you seek to make in the world: it's why you do what you do. Promise is your pledge to customers: it's what you do for them and why they should care. Values humanize your organization and guide your behavior. Your voice defines the tone and style that evokes your true and unmistakable character in all forms of communication.

Your strategic platform gives you the essential foundation needed to express your brand in everything you say and do. It motivates and directs employees, and gives customers, partners and other external stakeholders a compelling reason to connect with you.


Opinions that inspire

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