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Shifting Perspective

Changing dynamics, outdated perceptions

CooperVision had quietly grown to become the third-largest contact lens manufacturer in the world. However, despite offering a full range of high quality contact lenses, CooperVision was still thought of as a niche player—a provider of specialty lenses.

Two big shifts in the contact lens industry made the outdated perceptions even more worrisome: chain stores and big-box retailers had emerged as key customers for lens manufacturers, and contact lens wearers themselves were increasingly involved in the selection of their lenses.

To position the company for continued success, CooperVision needed to inspire all audiences—eye care practitioners, retail channels, lens wearers and even its own employees—to see the full breadth of its unique value.

Time for a challenge

Through our extensive analysis—including a company-wide employee survey and a global competitive study with customers and contact lens wearers—Siegel+Gale determined that it was essential for CooperVision to shake up the status quo. We developed a "challenger" brand positioning that capitalizes on CooperVision's unique skills and approach to doing business, then captured it in an external brand promise—"A refreshing perspective"—that suggests an organization transcending industry conventions.

In keeping with the challenger ethos, a striking visual identity based on watercolors provides an original and unexpected departure from an industry awash in literal representations of water.

Internally, we worked with CooperVision's leadership team to develop a statement of organizational Purpose: "We help improve the way people see each day." This simple, emotionally powerful statement both references the functional role of contact lenses—to improve eyesight—and celebrates the optimism and enhanced lifestyle that they provide. The Purpose is a constant reminder to every person at CooperVision of the impact they make on people's everyday lives.

A welcome change

“CooperVision understands that no two eyes are alike, and that every contact lens wearer and customer is unique. " said Lisa Fawcett, vice president of global marketing for CooperVision. “Our new identity was met with resounding cheers from employees around the world, who were thrilled to have an identity that felt so right for our culture and capabilities.”

Said Jeff McLean, executive vice president of brand development and strategy for CooperVision, “Our new brand promise, our purpose, our values and our visual expression capture this sentiment, and signal to the world our momentum that has been building over the past few years."

Sales rose 10 percent following the rebrand, and Siegel+Gale’s work was recognized by a “best of” Rebrand 100 award. It is clear that CooperVision is well on its way to redefining its role in the contact lens industry—and charting a clear course for success.

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