We shaved Monster's product catalog of 1,000 offerings down to fewer than 40


When Monster came to life in 1994, it broke new ground as the first online hub for recruitment and job searching. Over the years, the site had fallen out of favor as job seekers and talent scouts began flocking to niche players, social media and websites that aggregate listings. To regain its standing, Monster needed to shed its stale image and develop a sharp-toothed approach to organizing and communicating its offerings.


Building on Monster’s powerful edict to “Find Better,” we brought a fresh focus to the company’s vision: connecting the world’s jobs to people everywhere. This served as the foundation for both a compelling brand story and a stripped-down brand architecture, which condensed Monster’s vast offerings, endowed them with new descriptive product names and funneled them into three key capabilities: Reach, Connection and Solutions. We also retired a memorable-to-some mascot, designing a new visual identity anchored in a simple, striking flag—a testament to Monster’s position as the vanguard of online career services.


Monster has emerged once more at the forefront of a bustling online marketplace. Launched in July 2014, the new and improved brand landed on Paste Magazine’s list of “The 10 Biggest Rebrands of 2014” with a glowing review: “Memorable and innovative, the logo is an excellent reinforcement of Monster’s brand mission.”

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