We brought a fresh perspective to Shutterstock’s innovative gallery, creating a playful, vibrant name and identity.


Shutterstock, a leader in online stock photography, wanted to develop a new brand for its library of high-quality images from the world’s top photographers and illustrators—along with simple licensing terms that anyone could understand. To frame this unique gallery, the company needed a brand that felt special, premium and beautiful.


When we looked to the gallery’s own imagery for creative inspiration, we saw a story of juxtaposition and balance. We created the name “Offset,” which expressed the new brand’s mission to change the rules of stock photography. Our visual identity design also played with the concept of juxtaposition, featuring a clean, modern wordmark with a twist: inverted letters that defy expectations and subtly reference offset printing plates. The result is a playful tribute to the name and a visual wink to the target audience of designers and art directors.


In September 2013, Offset launched to the public. Scott Braut, Shutterstock’s VP of content, noted, “Offset represents a breakthrough standard in pre-shot imagery because it is the first brand to combine modern, exceptionally curated, assignment-quality images with the simplicity of a royalty-free license.” Today, Offset’s name and visual identity live up to its promise and elevate the brand as a source of stylish, remarkable visual experiences.

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