We reignited Motorola’s purpose at two critical moments of reinvention.


In 2009, when Greg Brown became CEO of Motorola’s $20 billion Solutions business after a split from Mobility, he recognized the need the lay out a clear plan and unify dispirited employees around a common purpose. Five years later, when Motorola Solutions sold their enterprise business to focus on public safety solutions, they found that their purpose was stronger and more focused than ever, but they needed a new story that would support the change to the marketplace and once again motivate its global team of employees.


Our qualitative research revealed a powerful opportunity to connect employees more directly with the people and organizations they serve. Now, more than ever, the role Motorola Solutions plays in creating safer cities is life-enhancing—even mission-critical. The purpose we developed “To help people be their best in the moments that matter” continues to resonate with employees and customers alike. With the strong purpose in place, we have developed a wide range of creative assets to help communicate the story to global audiences.


Shortly after the initial brand launch, Motorola Solutions equipment was instrumental in the rescue of the Chilean miners who were trapped underground for over two months. The night of the rescue, Motorola Solutions CEO Greg Brown drafted an email to all employees using the new visual style, voice and purpose that was released globally the next day. Following the new brand rollout, Motorola Solutions received a prestigious 2011 AIGA award for the Motorola Brand Book.

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