An identity system as dynamic as the brand itself


HGST helps the world harness the power of data. Since 2003, HGST has been one of the leading innovators providing the building blocks of smarter IT infrastructures to enhance the management of the entire data life cycle. The company’s visual identity, however—a legacy of its roots in large, established tech giants—did not reflect HGST’s evolution into a dynamic, multi-faceted, technology-centered innovation business.


A brand identity is often held as precious, enforced with extensive guidelines designed to create consistency and repetition. However, HGST needed an approach that was as innovative as they are. Part of the challenge, too, was to represent the name in a way that would build new meaning into its abbreviated name. Data isn’t static, it’s personal. Binary code—although made up of repetitive shapes (1’s and 0’s)—can express something as personal and unique as a fingerprint. The name offered functional challenges as well: how to represent it in a way where the letters are recognizable but not mistaken for an acronym.

Siegel+Gale partnered with HGST throughout the creative development, involving the HGST team in concepting and design to ensure we would produce a visual identity that the entire organization would embrace.

This concept became the driving force behind its new story and the new visual language we created to communicate it, i.e., a series of symbols and icons that could be combined in infinite ways to express different aspects of the brand and its products. The curves and linear balance of both the identity and visual system elements reflect the letterforms of the company name, amplifying the letterforms with line and shape. The result is a language that is both powerful and personal, and that expresses the individuality of employees and the versatility of solutions, while unifying them in all their expressions.

Finally, we created an online tool to help designers access photography and iconographic assets to ensure a consist visual expression, giving HGST’s creative team the means to effectively govern its use.


The new HGST evokes the firm’s innovative approach to technology solutions—one that celebrates the creative, empowers the individual and unifies the brand.

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