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In just over 75 years, the largest gambling corporation in the world, has transformed into an empire worthy of its namesake. Proving that they have always been about more than just gaming, Caesars launched the first ever casino loyalty program, Total Rewards. As the program evolved into one that recognized customers who indulged in shopping, dining and leisure—in addition to gaming—the brand needed a way to speak to and capture its newfound broader audience, thus a bespoke, entertainment-centric branding strategy.


Our objective was to develop a new verbal and visual identity for Total Rewards that addressed the wider customer base. We built a new brand platform around a simple statement: “Total Rewards. More of what members want.” This all-encompassing definition alludes to the endless options customers have when they visit a Caesars resort and to the exclusive benefits of being a rewards member.

To bring this brand platform to life, we created a new, including fresh logos for Total Rewards and Seven Stars, the program’s highest tier. The playful new logo, “TR” encircled by a globe, reflects the worldwide network of Caesars’ properties and the global reach of Total Rewards membership. Likewise, the new Seven Stars logo conveys elegance, sophistication and the exclusivity of top-tier membership.

Lastly, to promote the unveiling of the new Total Rewards, we traveled to four cities in nine days with our photographers to capture the essence of Caesars Entertainment’s properties with hyper-realistic images.


As a result of our bespoke entertainment branding work, launched its refreshed identity with a multi-city concert extravaganza, touching down in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. A-list entertainers flocked to the red carpets to have photos taken with the new Caesars identity.

But the entertainment branding process didn’t stop at Total Rewards. Caesars capitalized on this period of change by reinventing the iconic Imperial Palace, its current hotel and casino. The new name, The Quad, describes the resort’s position in the middle of all the action, fueling connection and activity for diverse audiences.

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