Nexford University

Disruption, digital natives, and degrees

Defining the global university of the future


Distance-learning startup Nexford University promotes social and economic mobility through high-quality, affordable online classes that fit each learner’s pace and schedule. An academic newcomer, Nexford had to stand out globally as a valuable, innovative alternative in a sea of traditional options.


To compete, Nexford needed to convey its status as an educational disruptor while signaling a level of prestige associated with more traditional universities. With its focus on students outside the US and UK, the opportunity was ripe to own distinctive brand elements that introduced the world to a new—and new kind of—player in higher education.


Inspired by the idea of the “next-generation university,” and drawing from two of the world’s foremost institutions—Oxford and Stanford—we created the name “Nexford.” We then developed a bold visual identity which featured bright yellow and shunned the classic university crest in favor of a simple arrow twisting and turning its way to success. Finally, with the strapline “Education that moves you,” we helped Nexford express both its approach and ambitions.


The amount of seed funding Nexford raised within months of defining its brand