Going places together

Making a legacy brand look and feel like a leader


Hudson Group’s evolution from a few newsstands in LaGuardia Airport to a travel experience leader spans more than three decades. While the brand was instantly recognizable as a landmark associated with travel essentials and books, it was ready to own its role as an all-encompassing travel partner. Embracing customer sentiment as its North Star, Hudson looked to marry purpose with promise and build a new brand centered around being the “Traveler’s Best Friend.”


To ensure the new brand would resonate with key audiences, we conducted qualitative and quantitative research with airport directors and travelers. We uncovered opportunities to distinguish Hudson from its competitors by demonstrating its innovative approaches to enhancing the airport terminal experience, and showcase its authentic understanding of travelers.


Hudson’s new brand strategy, voice and visual identity convey Hudson’s vibrant culture, entrepreneurial approach to customer service, brand stewardship and genuine relationship with travelers.

The design of the new logo represents the four cornerstones of the business—travel convenience, specialty retail, duty-free and the most recent addition, food & beverage—as windows, which, together, form an iconic letter H.
We wanted the new identity to capture the vibrancy and enthusiasm Hudson has as a company—Hudson employees are treated like family, and are genuinely thrilled to be part of the organization.
The new logo captures how its myriad strengths combine to make Hudson a whole far greater than the sum of its parts—and helps highlight Hudson’s distinctive assets: its people, brands, locations, and, most importantly, its authentic understanding of travelers and their experience.

“Our new identity is sophisticated and confident, with a welcoming visual representation of the company’s DNA that perfectly spotlights our people, brands, locations and, most importantly, our customers, and strengthens Hudson’s authentic connection to travelers.”

Hope Remoundos, EVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Hudson