Developing a movement to help address tuberculosis worldwide


Worldwide, tuberculosis is the second leading cause of death from an infectious disease after HIV. TB is a disease the first world has cured, but many across the world in developing nations are still afflicted by every day. To raise awareness and increase visibility for this cause, Siegel+Gale worked with the Stop TB Partnership to transform the conversation and push TB higher up the global agenda to end it once and for all.


In developing the strategy for this engagement, Siegel+Gale recognized the need for a paradigm shift in the way we think and speak about TB. To inspire communication, engagement and action globally, three core brand pillars were developed—Unity, Empowerment and Progress. These pillars strategically informed the Red Arrow symbol we crafted, pairing a mark of solidarity and true ambition to stop TB with powerful visual language that clearly and compassionately backs up this objective.

Currently, the Red Arrow is used on pins and to communicate holistically with stakeholders and partners to capture attention and influence change by providing a clear and consistent message on each and every World TB Day.


The brand identity we developed has helped to unify and amplify efforts to sustain a global movement that creates ongoing awareness of the disease. By defining a story and identity for the movement, Stop TB Partnership is now armed with these powerful attributes, and has the tools to continue to influence change and win the battle against this major global killer.

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