A new era of connection

ICT rebranding for the consumer and business customers of today and tomorrow


Renowned in the enterprise telecoms space, Saudi Arabia’s Integrated Telecom was ambitious to grow – serving more customers and playing an expanded role in the region’s digital journey. In anticipation of forthcoming consumer mobile and fiber internet services, the brand needed to be reconsidered and designed as fit-for-purpose to lead a sophisticated B2B offering in cloud and managed services, as well as elevate its overall brand visibility and recognition.


The regional competitive space is populated by many brands that serve consumers well, with modern, emotional offers that speak conversationally about mobile and broadband products. However, significant pain points still exist, particularly around the need for greater clarity and focus on end benefits at the product or solution level. Additionally, fewer players effectively span both B2C and B2B arenas, creating a brand opportunity for Salam to develop a digital-first, ‘designed for you’ story, accentuating and building on its highly credible technical expertise and sophistication.


A new brand with the idea of ‘Everywhere you need us,’ a new name and offering reflects a unique agility and forward-looking orientation. Visually expressed via a bright color palette and the lightness and dynamism of the ‘butterfly wing’ logomark, Salam is built for relevance with both enterprise customers and consumers. Its tone of voice reflects this vibrancy, focusing on clear, simple messages that crystallize the customer benefit and create a connection.


Salam’s initial launch period in April 2021 created a splash, resulting in a significant uptick in both digital engagement, app downloads and consumer and enterprise customer inquiries.

Both icon and photography style reflect clarity, warmth
and a highly digital future of constant movement
and evolution. The goal: create an accessible and
sophisticated brand that meets customers wherever needed.