Infinite passion

An evolution that preserves brand legacy while propelling future growth


Established in 2003, MEIZU is a Chinese smartphone manufacturer known for its innovative products and Flyme operating system.


The strategic integration with Xingji Technology has provided MEIZU with exciting opportunities and access to greater resources. However, it has also presented new challenges along with existing fierce industry competition and a rapidly evolving landscape. MEIZU needed a comprehensive brand evolution to effectively navigate these changes and preserve its brand legacy while propelling future growth.


By understanding how vital “passion” is to MEIZU, we discovered that this emotion was something that could continually be utilized and evolved. This is especially true within the smartphone industry. While other competitors solely focus on innovations, MEIZU’s consistent “passion” counters the common industry phenomenon with its more human brand experience. Honing in on “passion,” we partnered with MEIZU to create an evolved brand strategy and visual identity to vividly portray the brand’s aspirations while attracting those who resonate with its adventurous spirit.


MEIZU’s new brand ambition, “Seize the future with MEIZU,” invites like-minded individuals who are open-minded and bold to join MEIZU in its journey to create the next-gen integrated ecosystem. The brand proposition “Infinite Passion” highlights the essence of passion that motivates MEIZU’s continuous commitment to innovation.


By refreshing the brand logo and introducing a new color palette, MEIZU has established a revitalized brand image that effectively communicates its ambition for limitless explorations to multi-sectors.

MEIZU’s partnership with Xingji (which translates to ‘Galaxy’ in English) and the vision of exploring the “infinite,” the concept of “singularity,” derived from the Big Bang Theory, was introduced to showcase MEIZU’s blueprint of a new integrated intelligent future. This concept remained a significant element in the logo design.


The point on the logo’s bottom right corner symbolizes a new starting point for MEIZU and offers a glimpse into the exciting future ahead. Moreover, the left side of the logo creatively incorporates the initials “MZ” with the letter “Z,” doubling as the letter “N,” which represents “new.” This symbolizes a fresh beginning filled with boundless enthusiasm and conveys MEIZU’s unwavering commitment to innovation and passion.


The new brand color, “passionate red,” represents love for life, conveys a warm and optimistic attitude and symbolizes the determination to challenge and explore unlimited possibilities, the very efforts MEIZU has been making. The secondary color, “infinite black,” embodies the ultimate and inclusive spirit of boundlessness and represents MEIZU’s endless imagination and exploratory spirit for the future.


Transform Awards Asia—Gold, Best visual identity from the technology, media + telecommunications sector