Cultivating 'Wealth Together'

Transforming Moneyfarm’s new brand into a digital wealth partner


Moneyfarm is a digital wealth management platform with high ambitions for the future. Founded in 2011 in Italy and present in the UK since 2016, the company quickly gained the trust of its customers due to its simplicity of use and transparent fees. The brand’s approach of combining sophisticated technology, top financial experts and easy access to investment coaches represented a breath of fresh air in a sector dominated by traditional institutions.


However, digital competitors quickly caught up as technology transformed accessibility and ease into tablestakes. The typical growing pains of a scale-up began to appear as brand consistency across regions faltered. Over the years, multiple iterations of its identity were introduced, resulting in confusion and lack of distinction.


Amid rapid sector transformations and a pipeline of innovative solutions on the horizon, Moneyfarm engaged Siegel+Gale to help restore the meaning of its brand and find its compelling truth again.


We spoke with current and prospective customers through a robust discovery phase to understand their investment ambitions. This information was complemented by our proprietary EyeOpener modeling, a bespoke methodology deployed across markets that revealed expectations and validated the findings.


The team’s mission became clear—to shift the Moneyfarm brand from being product-focused to service-oriented, leveraging the emotional equity it had through its partnership with customers. The direction of travel was then to become the total wealth partner that focused on deepening and augmenting relationships through building long-term value.


With Moneyfarm’s partnership DNA, we arrived at the “Wealth, together” position—a brand that’s by the customer’s side to make them one step closer to achieving their financial goals with confidence and peace of mind. Qualifying criteria apply. With investing, your capital is at risk. The illustration is hypothetical and isn’t representative of any account.



Defining the key customer for both UK and Italian markets led us to a design direction that is an evolution over a complete revolution–a system that is a refinement of Moneyfarm’s legacy, employing critical learnings from brand assets that have been successful within its digital products.


Every facet of the brand toolkit has been simplified to speak to the customer’s specific mindsets and subsequent investment behaviors. An updated set of colors draws deeper and more vibrant hues that, at a brand level, speak to differentiation and stature within the category while helping to signpost customers to salient information, key performance factors and call-to-actions within the digital application. The typeface contains characteristics that take visual cues from the brand’s key visual element, The ‘Moneyfarm Arc,’ to form a ‘perfect pairing.’ All elements have been carefully curated from data-driven design decisions to create a brand optimized for scale and tailored to the needs of investors for a successful wealth management journey.


Qualifying criteria apply. With investing, your capital is at risk. The illustration is hypothetical and isn’t representative of any account.

It has been a truly insightful and collaborative journey that we have been on with Siegel+Gale. As a result, they have really captured the essence and value proposition of Moneyfarm under the 'Wealth, together' tagline.

Fabio Zampaglione, Chief Commercial Officer, Moneyfarm