We gave a famous, decades-old method a new brand identity.


Hypnotherapist Kerry Gaynor has helped thousands of people quit smoking, including celebrities like Martin Sheen, Aaron Eckhart, Heather Locklear and Paul Rudd. For years, Gaynor’s services were only available by referral and had to be booked months in advance, until he looked for a new way to help greater numbers of smokers overcome addiction. Setting his sights on a video program, Gaynor turned to Siegel+Gale to establish his brand across a broader audience in a landscape saturated with techniques for kicking the habit.


After spending time with Gaynor to fully understand his beliefs and approach, and performing an experience audit with several smokers who had quit with his help, we realized Gaynor’s focus is unique: Rather than exploring when or why someone begins smoking, he looks at how people deny what smoking is doing to them. We created a new brand tagline, “STOP SMOKING. START LIVING,” to echo Gaynor’s method of challenging accepted beliefs about addiction, and drafted messaging that clearly communicates his approach. We then designed a mark and unique packaging concept that people would want to display with pride.


Success stories have helped build a movement of people who want to stop smoking and start living, including celebrities who publicly voice their support and wear apparel promoting The Kerry Gaynor Method. “We wanted to be honest, divergent and thought-provoking,” said Roxana Saidi, Vice President of Marketing at The Kerry Gaynor Method, “which is exactly what Siegel+Gale helped us achieve.”

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