We helped Cummins simplify its complex subsidiaries.


After pioneering diesel engine technology, transforming the transportation industry and offering a range of products dealing with power generation, Cummins had solidified itself as an American business icon by 1950. More recently, as a Fortune 500 company with 5,000+ facilities in 197 countries, Cummins faced some major growing pains. The company needed a brand strategy that could keep pace with its ever-changing business.

During the year we successfully rebranded our major operating business units to reflect the Cummins name and brand to build upon our overall branding strategy.


After conducting our in-depth global brand examination, we recommended a powerful masterbrand strategy that reorganized a dozen existing company names into three subsidiaries: Cummins Power Generation, Cummins Generator Technologies and Cummins Onan.

For Cummins Onan—the consumer generator line of business—we took the lengthy brand statement of “unsurpassed design and manufacturing quality that results in truly professional-grade performance,” and captured it in the simple tagline: “Performance professionals rely on.” Similarly, we derived a new tagline for Cummins Generator Technologies. Based on the existing statement, “it’s not just what we make that sets us apart; it’s how we engage customers everyday,” we created: “There for you.”

We also designed a new visual identity that adds a bold, red “energy bar” to the well-known Cummins “C” trademark, which expresses confidence and unity across all three subsidiaries.


In a recent 10-k filing, Cummins acknowledged the importance of brand equity and coherent brand architecture as critical components of their financial success. In fact, in each of the two years following the launch, Cummins’ total sales grew by 15% and market share was preserved among its subsidiaries. This success reassured leadership that changes in naming did not mean changes in quality, service or value.

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