Helping to tell a more vivid brand story for one of China's leading technology companies.


In recent years, the explosion of the Internet industry globally has been reflected in the numerous companies that have arisen in the Chinese market: Baidu, Tencent, 360, Xiaomi, Kingsoft, and more. Beginning in 2012, Kingsoft began expanding in both mainland China and overseas markets. Now in 2014, aware of the burgeoning focus on the mobile industry, Kingsoft made the decision to change its brand name to Cheetah Mobile, and implement an entirely new visual identity to tell the larger story of the brand. This was the right time to unveil a bespoke technology branding strategy that would not only tell Cheetah Mobile’s brand story but also set a new reference framework for future unicorn‘s within the Chinese market and beyond.


Starting with the logo, the challenge of telling Cheetah Mobile’s brand story was encompassing the history of technological development in China—specifically, telling the history of Kingsoft and how they became Cheetah Mobile. That new brand identity, rising from Kingsoft, is an agile, passionate and imaginative company, grounded in creating a simpler experience for its customers while keeping an eye on the big picture of mobile and user experience. Cheetah Mobile provides its customers around the world with an experience that is faster, safer and easier.

In order to show Cheetah Mobile‘s uniqueness as a brand, Siegel+Gale’s technology design team based in our Shanghai office worked closely with the company to captured every detail of a cheetah’s life—the slight, lean tilt in the type of the logo graphic, reminiscent of the decisive and swift apex predator’s contours and movements. The logotype, the color, and the text orientation identify Cheetah Mobile as a simple, yet powerful tool for the user, with a bright and vivid orange emphasizing the passion and optimism of the brand. Cheetah Mobile was also abbreviated to “CM” in the logo in order to simplify and help with communications in mainland China and overseas.


On 9 May, 2014, Cheetah Mobile registered its IPO in New York with the brand’s new visual identity, bringing the product to bear in the international marketplace. From Kingsoft, Inc. to Cheetah Mobile, the brand has come a long way, and has a bright future ahead. We hope to see more Chinese companies expand globally in a meaningful way by telling their unique story through a strong, simple and beautiful brand identity set within a broader technology branding strategy.

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