The journey to one Ascension

Transforming a confederation of hospital systems into a unified entity


As the largest Catholic healthcare system in the world and the second-largest healthcare system in the country, Ascension is central to the lives and livelihoods of millions of Americans. But, operating as a loose confederation of systems, Ascension wasn’t taking advantage its significant market presence. In order to continue to provide unmatched care, the healthcare giant needed to unify.


In its disparate state, Ascension had to adapt to a changing, more consumer-oriented healthcare landscape. Committed to consolidating its brand under the Ascension name and centralizing the brand architecture, we began the “Journey to One Ascension.” The united architecture would not only make it easier for customers to navigate Ascension’s broad network, but it would also enable associates to access the other sites of care and the opportunities they bring to better serve customers.


We developed a centralizing brand architecture system that comprehensively includes all of Ascension’s brand offerings across its 2,500 sites of care. We helped Ascension transition from a confederation of associated hospital systems—each with its own clinical operations, as well as functions like HR and marketing—to a unified entity with centralized clinical and internal functions across the entire network. In alignment with Ascension’s reimagined brand architecture, we developed a modern visual identity system to be used across the network in both externally facing and internal contexts.

The early returns are that it’s making a tremendous difference in both inspiring associates and allowing us to deliver the type of care that’s needed in the communities we serve.

Nick Ragone, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Ascension