Future-proofing the Andrews brand to continue a long history of customer-centricity.


Facing an ever-changing marketplace—and a brand identity that hadn’t been reviewed for more than 35 years—Andrews Property Group engaged Siegel+Gale to reframe its real estate branding to uniquely capitalize on the contemporary real estate market.

With competition across the real estate agent spectrum, Andrews was challenged by emerging online estate agents who could offer lower fees, but often at the expense of a lower quality of engagement and customer attention. Andrews was also competing with more prominent real estate brands that could command greater fees for their services. In order to capitalize on a middle ground focused on customer service in plain sight, Andrews chose to future-proof its brand by conveying what they stand for now, and will stand for in the future.


To help them become the dynamic and interactive property partner they aspire to be, Siegel+Gale began the discovery phase with a deep-dive, using our EyeOpenerTM and EnGageTM research tools. Based on their analyses, our teams uncovered a clear disconnect between customer drivers and employee focus—closing the gap meant reimagining Andrews’ customer-to-employee service connection.

We gave them a new brand platform based on deep market insights paired with distinctive customer service, “Refreshingly Reassuring.”  This allowed Andrews to rest its offering on the strength of its core purpose—to connect real estate buyers with professionals who care about that investment—which aligns with its employees’ daily goals.

With this new story in place, we distilled the Andrews logo into a simpler, stronger shape charged with confidence, channeling an active symbol for its clientele—guiding them, reassuringly, forward in an often-tricky market.


With this new look and feel, Andrews’ brand now communicates and connects employees and offerings with a common story, while reinforcing the brand’s expertise and ability to serve and nurture customers across the life cycle of property needs. Clients and employees now feel confident that the brand is stronger than ever delivering tangible and competitive results through a custom-built branding strategy.

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