We saved Allstate $8 million a year by simplifying its customer communications.


Originally a line of tires sold by Sears Roebuck & Co., Allstate expanded into the insurance market in 1931, eventually going public 60 years later. While it was the largest publicly owned company in the United States selling individual and family insurance, Allstate faced increasing competition. To ensure continued success, the company needed to make headway on several fronts—remaining distinct in the marketplace, supporting the growth of its new financial advisory business and credibly living its famous brand promise: “You’re in good hands.”


We began by helping define what being “in good hands” actually means to customers—a promise to “feel better protected today and better prepared for tomorrow.” After we analyzed each company touchpoint and mapped key customer journeys, we then re-engineered Allstate’s communications architecture to enhance customer experiences. Our creative teams refreshed the iconic “hands” logo, developed detailed writing guidelines and established “Brand Central,” an asset management tool, to help the entire organization align with the changes. We also created an agent communication strategy and rolled out the new look to Allstate’s 13,000 agent offices. Finally, we crafted a communications program for the company’s retirement-focused financial advisory business, streamlining 87 existing form letters into 14 content modules, and simplifying all invoices, policy statements, forms and correspondence.


Allstate achieved a number of significant gains following the launch of our work:

  • The new positioning and communications program helped boost the company’s operating income by $1.6 billion and increased revenue by 1.2%.
  • Pre-qualified leads for the financial advisory business increased 26%—tripling Allstate’s original goal.
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty increased, with defections declining by 14% over 2 years.
  • The “most likely to consider Allstate” measurement jumped to 17% above its norm.
  • “You’re in Good Hands” achieved the number one unaided awareness ranking in the United States.

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