How Wanda built a world-class hotel brand rooted in Chinese culture


The Wanda Group is the world’s largest private property developer and owner, the world’s largest cinema chain operator and China’s biggest cultural enterprise. In order to expand its portfolio into the hospitality industry, Wanda Hotel & Resorts was founded in 2012 with the intention to become a premier global hospitality experience that would cater to a range of travelers’ needs while reflecting the traditions of Chinese heritage.

Already Asia’s largest property owner, Wanda sought to create a portfolio of four distinct hotel brands as part of their hotel branding strategy, each catering to the varying needs of different travelers. Hotel guests were broken down into four distinct categories and a sub-brand was created for each: Wanda Realm would serve as a resting place for business travelers, Wanda Jin a friendly place for family holidays, Wanda Vista a Chinese cultural and spiritual home and Wanda Reign a luxury living experience. Wanda partnered with Siegel+Gale to bring these distinct brand identities to life.


For Wanda, it was a purely visual play. Siegel+Gale sought to align the heart of this hospitality brand, rooted in its position as a global Chinese cultural ambassador, with its business imperative to deliver a premium hospitality experience. To this end, we looked into Chinese history, examining artifacts and the artwork of several ancient dynasties. The elegance of ancient architecture, furniture and metal work inspired the unique set of visual identities—including color systems, graphics and logos—we created for its four hotel lines with reference to China’s rich past.


After the unveiling in 2015, Wanda’s four hotel divisions, with their unique visual identities, cultural offerings and global mission, immediately had a resounding impact on China’s hospitality industry, becoming popular destinations for an array of travelers. As Wanda Hotels builds its portfolio and establishes its reputation in China, they continue to expand globally with new locations in Australia’s Gold Coast, London and Los Angeles, and a plan is underway to expand 60% by 2020.

“Global collaboration and extraordinary design talent differentiates the perfect work delivered by Siegel+Gale,” says the Wanda Hotels & Resorts team. As Wanda Hotels enters this new stage of development, they’re positioned to fulfill their goal of becoming a world-renowned hotel brand.

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