A suitable debut for a head-turning brand.


Trunk Club is a groundbreaking idea, disrupting the traditional brick and mortar model as well as the online retail model of clothing sales. Like its customers, Trunk Club is well aware of the value of a good first impression. And while it has always been dressed for success, Trunk Club needed a proper introduction, hence, a brand communication strategy that felt both genuine and innovative at the same time.

Trunk Club understands the hassle and frustration men feel shopping for clothes so it set out to remove the aspects of shopping that men typically avoid (i.e., trying on multiple pieces of clothing, sifting through items across large department store floors and branching out their personal style).

The box service pairs its customers individually with real stylists who will find the best fit and style fit to meet their needs, marrying the old-fashioned value in personalized service and styling expertise with the convenience of home delivery. It sets high standards for itself in service, delivery and quality—equal to the high standards its customers hold themselves to.

Trunk Club needed a creative brand strategy partner with both style and substance to strategically get to the brand’s heart, and catch the attention and communicate the importance of dressing well to its core male audience


To create Trunk Club’s first-ever television commercial, “Siegel+Gale peeled back the layers of the external stuff to get to what we’re really about. Advertising agencies aren’t really concerned about that—they might show something fantastic, but it may not be really what you are,” says Frank Lawlor, Trunk Club’s Creative Director.

Following the development of a brand strategy, we created the concept, script and creative direction for the spot that captured Trunk Club’s elegance and sense of humor, ensuring that the rising brand was ready to make a stylish entrance in multiple new markets.


The 30-second spot aired on a diverse array of cable channels—Monday Night Football, CNN, the History Channel and more. The week that the commercial aired, call volume to stylists went through the roof. Articulate and poised for much success, Trunk Club is on track to revolutionize the shopping experience for men and women alike.

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