The Machine is Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s vision for the future of computing, designed to bring the promise of Memory-Driven Computing. Working with Hewlett Packard Labs, we helped craft the vision, positioning and identity for the Machine as well as a brand architecture that would support its integration into marketable products.


The M mark and proprietary typography we created for HPE signals that this is a new language and way of thinking about the fundamentals of computing technology. It’s designed to look like a futuristic, entirely new language to convey the innovative and forward-thinking nature of HPE’s technology solutions. It also references HPE’s primary visual platform, “The Element,” which, while rectangular in form, is a metaphor for many things: a frame to create a point of focus, a window on partnership.


The Machine’s visual identity is indicative of HPE’s imperative to remain agile, decisive and fast in an ever-changing world.

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