A brand evolution for the cyber security pioneer


With today’s ever-growing digital landscape and increasing amounts of personal information being stored online, digital security—the demand for secure access to services, privacy and data protection—has never been more vital. Since 1988, Avast Software has protected people and businesses from online security threats such as malware, viruses and hackers. After years of organic growth and growth through acquisition in 2016, Avast now stands as one of the foremost brands in cyber security, protecting over 400 million people worldwide.

To acknowledge its expanded business and tackle its continued growth head-on, Avast needed to reflect the breadth of its offerings and the magnitude of its reach, and graduate from a tenacious upstart to the refined global enterprise it is today. Rising above the noise and asserting its position as an industry leader in cyber security, Avast turned to Siegel+Gale.


Laying a new foundation for expansion, Avast sought a revitalized brand identity that would speak to both B2B and B2C customers. To this end, we delivered business analytics and brand research unveiling competitive insights on where the Avast brand stands relative to its competitors. While current customers highly valued the brand, many people in specific countries in the market for data protection weren’t familiar with its name, the quality of its services or the span of its reach.

To firmly position Avast as an innovative leader in cyber security, we evolved the software brand in several ways. Our technology branding strategy for Avast now reflects the formidable company it has become—from its brand story, which discusses its history in the cyber security space, to its brand voice, which demonstrates its status as an industry expert, and its website, which shows an enterprising corporate culture and the breadth of its reach. While remaining loyal to its logo’s shape and color, we reimagined Avast’s identity to reflect the leading technology brand they are and the innovative edge they’ve always leveraged while preserving their unique personality as a pioneer software brand.


Avast’s revived software branding strategy, unveiled in October 2016, reflects its status as an industry pioneer and supports the company in its imminent expansion. “I was surprised that the rebrand could feel so different yet be exactly like Avast,” says Robin Selden, Chief Marketing Officer at Avast. “It still feels like a company with a 25-year-old legacy of followers and equity, while maintaining the innovative and contemporary edge Avast has always championed.”

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