Congratulations to the Winning Siegel+Gale 2022 Intern Project!

Each year, we host a diverse group of summer interns across our offices and practices. Our interns have two roles: one, to assist their practice leads as they learn about branding through real client work, and two, to work together to create a brand based on a fictional project brief.

This year, we split our interns into two groups (East Coast and West Coast) and tasked them with a fictitious prompt: an investor purchased the rights to the Blockbuster brand and is reinventing it as a streaming aggregator—a single app that partners with and provides access to a vast variety of streaming app content and subscriptions in one place.

The two groups of interns presented their brands to the company and a panel of judges scored the presentations on a rubric.

Both teams expertly reimagined the iconic brand, weaving both nostalgia and innovation into the final presentations. And, like the millions of Blockbuster-movie-lovers who had come before them, our judges were on the edges of their seats—enraptured by the Oscar-worthy performances. (We might have even spotted a judge eating a bag or two of popcorn.)

Please see our winning presentation below.

Many thanks to all the Siegel+Gale employees who served as managers and mentors of our 2022 interns. And a special thanks to Cristina Ciccone, Jared Fink, and Aaron Hall for leading the project teams.