In response to the recent controversy over the “bathroom bill” legislation in the US, Siegel+Gale designers redesigned the current gender-binary bathroom icons (the outline of a man and skirted woman) to make them gender neutral. See their work and commentary below. These designs originally appeared on Co.Design.

Krista Oraa, Design Director, Siegel+Gale 
To indicate an ‘all-gender’ restroom, the icon merges both a female and male form with simple lines and a minimalist design approach.


Vivi Feng, Designer, Siegel+Gale

The first idea incorporates the human rights campaign logo in the body of the center icon to symbolize gender and transgender equality. The second idea includes typography, with the A and two LLs in the middle icon indicating that “all” are welcome. And the third icon simply indicates a restroom is a restroom—it’s available to whomever needs to use it.