Impact unbound

Helping a billion-dollar tech company touch billions of lives


Since its founding in 1999, UST Global had evolved from a small start-up to a full-service digital transformation firm with a powerful mission: transforming lives. Despite a strong purpose, the company was having difficulty shaking the perception that it was simply a provider of offshore IT services. Its brand no longer reflected its reality and suffered from a disorganized portfolio, an inconsistent narrative and visual system, and an outdated digital experience. As the company worked toward an ambitious goal of touching 3 billion lives, it was time for UST to let the world know what it was truly all about.


Through comprehensive research—including the use of our proprietary EyeOpener™ tool—we were able to see how UST measured up when it came to key business drivers like expertise, partnership, leadership and goodwill. We discovered that while those who knew UST tended to think of it highly, others struggled to define what the business actually offered or stood for. Fortunately, our research also showed that UST’s purpose came across as authentic and ownable, allowing us to explore a strategic territory that would help the business stand out: touching or improving lives through technology.


First, we anchored our strategy in a single core idea: Together, we build for boundless impact. From there, we developed a fresh visual and verbal identity that expresses the nimble, confident and tenacious personality of the company—and the humility, humanity and integrity of its culture. Brought to life most notably by a strong narrative and dynamic logo, the new brand inspired our creation of a tighter, more cohesive brand architecture and an electric and engaging website. Launched on the heels of 2020’s global challenges, the brand underscores the importance of companies like UST Global—now officially just “UST”—being able to adapt and evolve in real time.

Bold and dynamic, UST’s logo—much like the company itself—expresses stability, strength and agility. A single square serves as an anchor, representing the building blocks and tools UST uses to construct unique solutions. The square also serves as the primary inspiration for the new brand’s overall visual identity.
To transform UST’s website from a liability into a leading asset, we developed a digital and content strategy aimed at sparking interest, inspiration and motivation among key audiences. Our final design features a clean and bright layout with splashes of color, purposeful animations and simple, inviting graphics. Content is easily scannable, with a clear information hierarchy, concise copy and a consistent feel throughout. Visitors to the site are now offered clear paths to discovery and calls to action, so they can easily find what they’re looking for and reach out to begin a conversation.
With our core brand idea, we were able to tell UST’s story in a compelling way across communications and channels. We focused on articulating not only what UST does, but what it does for its key stakeholders as a true champion of technology.

The whole team at Siegel+Gale were invaluable partners in identifying, articulating and visualizing our authentic UST brand and with incredible results: We've almost doubled in size since our rebrand helped us tell our unique story on how we build boundless impact for our clients every day.

Leslie Schultz, Chief Marketing Officer, UST