Be commerce confident

Creating a new brand experience focused on customers


When eBay Enterprise spun off from eBay during the namesake company’s divestment from PayPal, eBay Enterprise emerged as an unknown brand holding the name recognition of its predecessor. Then, eBay Enterprise merged with Innotrac to become the world’s largest omnichannel technology and operations provider.


With carte blanche, the combined entities renamed to Radial, and the resultant company needed to extricate itself from a history of spinoff activity that was obfuscating both identity and brand potential. Further, it needed to communicate its renewed commitment to customer satisfaction, and differentiate its offering from other existing logistics firms. To do that, they turned to our brand experts.


We embarked on a branding engagement that spanned experience design, research, positioning, messaging, visual identity, digital and social strategy, collateral and brand-led change that would help Radial better understand its place in the market, embrace its unique new position, and stand apart from the competition.


Our team developed a new brand platform that would ensure Radial would be able to grow their business at scale, but ensure customer satisfaction every step of the way. This definitively customer-first positioning was complemented with the development of powerful, bright and friendly brand personality and messaging that tells a story of customer satisfactions, and manifests in the company’s new tagline: Be commerce confident.


To bring this story to life visually, our design studio partnered with Radial to create an identity that would attest to the company’s seamless approach to connecting commerce and operations. This identity centers on a distinctive word mark that was hand drawn to capture the symmetric and integrated experience behind the Radial brand—a single line that incorporates every letter in Radial.

Further, the website we developed features an intuitive navigation and fluid user experience that reflects the experiences Radial provides its customers. Our brand-led change program prepared Radial personnel to tell the brand’s new story, and live its promise every day.

We created a brand story that highlights the customer satisfaction Radial creates and an identity deserving of the company they keep—some of the world’s most well-known retailers and brands.


The style is fluid and simple, always featuring a point of intersection and overlap. Icons are not intended to depict abstract concepts; they are literal representations of everyday ideas, objects or numerals. The Radial symbol is used as a supergraphic to reinforce the iconic presence and confident nature of the Radial brand


What Siegel+Gale did was deliver a face for the brand, but they also went beyond that to deliver a voice and a personality, coupled with the purpose and the promise, the brand is very expressive.

Brad Dorfman, (Former) Creative Director, Radial