Challenging today. Reinventing tomorrow.

From engineering firm to premium solutions provider


Over the years, Jacobs Engineering Group had gone from conducting large-scale engineering projects to solving some of the biggest challenges across aerospace, cybersecurity and environmental degradation. Yet its brand had never caught up with the company it had become. There was an opportunity for Jacobs to rally its 50,000 global employees behind an authentic and foundational story that more accurately reflected all they do—and tell the world about it.


Our fact-based approach helped us identify the intersection of what’s core to Jacobs, what clients care about most and what makes the brand stand out in its global markets. The people at Jacobs unequivocally rose to the top—the unique approach every employee takes to question the status quo and then seek out new and better ways of doing things. The way each challenges how things are always done as well as what’s accepted, to be able to create what actually can be.


Jacobs dropped the word “engineering” from its name and rebranded to tell the story of its business transformation. With the new tagline—Challenging today. Reinventing tomorrow.—the company was able to articulate its people, its approach and its impact. Investing in how that promise is expressed through all they do ensures that while the businesses and markets Jacobs competes in may evolve, its unique culture and way of working, thinking and questioning, will continue to set it apart.

The logo science, precision and humanity. It features two pieces coming together to represent the brand promise.
All of these elements come together to visually represent the Jacobs brand. Combine elements from our toolkit thoughtfully to craft impactful communications.

Our new brand has truly helped to pull all of our people together & tells the story of our business transformation. Previously, we never really had a brand that actually captured all of the great things our people and acquired companies do. This was our opportunity to do that. Now, all of our people feel like this is their brand, not a brand they inherited because they had been acquired.

—Marietta Hannigan, EVP, Chief Strategy, Corporate Development & Communications Officer (Former), Jacobs