Elevating the future

A new brand direction for a cloud solutions leader


Since its founding in 2009, Cloudreach has established itself as a leading cloud solutions provider. However, after a decade of steady growth, the company underwent a transformation—its founder retired, a new CEO was appointed, and a private equity firm became its majority investor. Cloudreach also acquired software platform Cloudamize, signifying a move from a service-only business to a software and service company.


We identified that people are at the heart of Cloudreach; it’s the core differentiator and needed to be weaved into the brand in a manner that reflects its bold, inclusive and optimistic personality. Through a robust insights and strategy process, we arrived at the core idea of ‘Elevate your future,’ which transcends taglines and speaks to the philosophy that lives and breathes throughout the company.


We developed a strategic positioning, brand architecture and visual identity that echoes Cloudreach’s evolution and elevates the people at the heart of the brand—the customers, collaborators and employees. By adopting a differentiated identity developed from deep strategic thinking, Cloudreach emerges from a crowded marketplace as a leader with a unique perspective and personality.

We veered away from familiar motifs often used in the tech space and instead, looked for an interpretation specifically tailored to Cloudreach’s unique offering and positioning.
We drew inspiration from isobars—a tool to predict the weather through anticipating atmospheric change—to create artwork that references not only the cloud but also the high opinion of Cloudreach’s customers.
For B2B brands, a brand’s website is often the first place that potential customers encounter their branding, so the experience must reflect the voice, the design, and the principles that underpin the identity.


London Design Awards—Gold, Graphic Design, Identity & Branding

As we look to the next 10 years of growth, we are bringing our people and technology together behind a single, bold identity.

Aaron Painter, CEO, Cloudreach