Fueling change

Reenergizing one of the biggest players in oil and gas


NOV, born of the merger of National Oilwell and Varco, was well-known among customers and investors for its drilling expertise and its market dominance. But divisional silos, along with the lack of a comprehensive, compelling story, made it difficult for the company to unify employees or express the full breadth of its technology, capabilities and impact.


With several tools from our qualitative and quantitative research suite, we discovered that NOV wasn’t getting enough credit among customers and other stakeholders for its global impact. And while employees were proud to work for the company, they had trouble articulating why they felt that way.


To inspire employees everywhere, we anchored the brand in a new purpose: “We power the industry that powers the world.” From there, we distilled NOV’s core values to: “global family,” “purposeful innovation” and “service above all.” We then defined NOV’s verbal and visual identities, infusing them with a confident but human brand voice, and helped the company bring its strategy to life, from advertising to events to employee engagement initiatives.


60K: The number of employees, across 60 countries, united by NOV’s brand platform