We helped an industry leader unify its message and focus its voice.


After 150 years in business, Pfizer had established itself as the global leader in pharmaceutical sales, but the trajectory to the top had come at a cost. Mergers, acquisitions and shifts in priorities over the years had left Pfizer with a variety of inconsistent visual systems and messages. As a result of this fragmented brand identity, the Pfizer brandmark had begun to lose value and meaning.

Our new visual identity system has become an invaluable asset for the enterprise. It provides the structure and guidance we needed to amplify our corporate brand voice in a cohesive way, and it provides the flexibility to satisfy complex, globally diverse branding challenges. Plus, it’s visually beautiful!

Lauren Albert, Director of Corporate Reputation and Brand, Pfizer


We audited the company’s brand architecture and communications practices. Our findings revealed that the absence of a clear brand architecture or visual system linked to a single identity, led to internal confusion about what Pfizer was.

In response, we created a model—One Pfizer—that would extend a spirit of unity to all Pfizer functions, departments and divisions. We refreshed the well-known oval logo into a more modern mark, backing it up with a strong new visual system and new brand voice attributes. We also implemented comprehensive guidelines that promote a cohesive brand architecture, visual identity and messaging.


Pfizer successfully used its updated identity to reassert its position as a leader in the healthcare industry. By restoring unity and focus in the brand identity, we ensured that Pfizer has a structure and methodology for growth, and a masterbrand that will retain its value for years to come.

Pfizer earned the prestigious 2010 Brand New Award for Logo and Basic Identity Application.

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