Enabling EV

Preparing for change in the energy industry


For over 125 years, Statkraft has been making clean energy possible. Today, they are Europe’s largest renewable energy company. Recognizing the changing landscape, recent acquisitions have allowed the business to diversify into the electric vehicle (EV) charging space. With a desire to remove the barriers to EV adoption for customers, Statkraft approached us with shared enthusiasm and commitment to developing a future-facing, optimistic and accessible brand for the EV-charging network it is rolling out across Europe.


Through concept testing across multiple European markets, we uncovered the role brand could play in shaping the EV charging network experience of the future. An exciting new brand within the Statkraft portfolio would represent the best way of engaging consumers. The brand would need to help people understand that sustainable solutions don’t mean compromise or complexity. With a widespread charging network being rolled out, it can be just as simple as legacy solutions.


The brand’s new name, Mer, is the Norwegian translation for ‘more.’ It represents the positive, practical and powerful benefits the brand will enable people to experience. We helped Mer simplify and sharpen the messaging to underline its ambition: to become the best and most customer-oriented EV Charging Company in Europe—powered by pure energy from Statkraft. With a simplified experience devoid of jargon, Mer is a simple and empowering lifestyle brand, propelling the EV market into the future as consumer preferences shift towards cleaner living.

Mer will offer charging stations and services that feel smart, accessible and are powered by a pure energy source. The brand is built around power, positivity and practicality, and provides customers with a seamless way to make their journey.
The logo represents the 'EV lifestyle,' a concept that delves deeper into and aims to solve the barriers to EV. It reflects how the brand enables cleaner living through seamless adoption.
We created an identity that can be dialed up or dialed down as needed, with all aspects contributing to demonstrate the benefits and seamlessness of an 'EV lifestyle.'
The delicate visual identity offers a simple yet beautiful experience across all channels to ensure accessibility.
The vibrant, sincere brand voice showcases Mer's passion, combining knowledge and extensive history in renewable energy. This potent combination is both genuine and inspiring.