BW Offshore

The future of energy

Refreshing a brand with a mission


In preparation for the global migration from fossil fuels, BW Offshore approached us to help redefine the brand for a new era. The initiative started with intricate questions around the scope of change and the relationship with other BW companies. The ensuing pandemic and global oil crises added more complexity. However, with the global energy transition accelerating, an opportunity existed to demonstrate BW Offshore’s stable operations and the potential to shift into other areas quickly.


Through our in-depth research and key stakeholder interviews, the need for a future-forward brand mission to help guide BW Offshore on its journey was apparent. In an industry that is key to combatting climate change, the brand looks to the next generation of energy through its passion for problem-solving and engineering solutions.


The brand needed to represent the core business of floating production storage & offloading (FPSO) and exploration & production (with BW Energy). It also needs to be capable of stretching into other types of energy like the acquisition of Ideol, a floating wind turbine company.


Rooted in core truth–an engineering mindset with bold ambition–we uncovered a new brand mission: “We engineer offshore production solutions to progress the future of energy.”


The strategy was realized through the visual representation of the horizon line on the open sea. Combining the existing palette with a modern gradient, the metaphor demonstrated the fresh new approach of the brand identity.


Finally, the refresh of the existing logo coupled with the horizon imagery and a modern typeface created a contemporary brand boasting a rich heritage future-proofing BW Offshore to the winds of change on the horizon.

By utilizing Good Sans, we could balance the typeface with the ever-present Dax font. This coupled with the aesthetics of the horizon image, gave the existing logo a modern feel transferable to various mediums.

In developing the new website, it was essential to establish the assets used were of BW Offshore's people and vessels. By moving away from stock imagery, the brand could genuinely represent the heart of the business.
It was vital to ensure BW Offshore's visual legacy remained while evolving the identity. Using the horizon as the foundation, we developed new and innovative creative assets that moved the brand forward and spoke to the participation in the global energy transition.

We developed a new mission based on authentic truth from the brand's core engineering mindset and bold future-shaping ambition. "We engineer offshore production solutions to progress the future of energy" clearly states the desire to innovate and invest in offshore production expertise.