A fresh face for the company that disrupted the beauty sector.


Birchbox, the start-up that redefined the beauty category, was in an increasingly crowded space. Its competition was rapidly expanding, and they needed to reach beyond their loyal customer—the young beauty enthusiast.


We helped Birchbox define a larger, underserved audience as “The Beauty Majority”: The 80% of women who see beauty as a useful part of their lives but not core to their sense of self.

From there, it was simple. We developed a visual identity to create a home for The Beauty Majority—where perfection isn’t idolized and beauty is fun. The outcome was an approachable alternative to the impersonal atmosphere of mainstream cosmetics.

We were inspired by photo outtakes—not the selects, but playful doodles. Not the final blueprints, but the beautiful imperfections. This resulted in patterns and graphic elements employing gestural brushstrokes and other “marks of the hand” to create an aesthetic that celebrates what beauty really is.


“Siegel+Gale was a true brand partner,” says Amanda Tolleson, CMO at Birchbox. “The focus was on building something together that would drive our business forward. And they understood the iterative and fast-paced way we work. In short, Siegle+Gale signed up to deliver for Birchbox.” As Birchbox enters this new stage in its development, with its incisive mission statement and premium brand identity, it is positioned to see success in its global initiatives.

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