To celebrate Pride month this year, our global design teams created a series of virtual backgrounds inspired by the rainbow flag, psychedelia, pop art and beyond. We hope you enjoy this selection of vibrant designs from our best and brightest visual thinkers. You can view and download the full set of backgrounds here for your next Zoom, Slack or Teams call.

Kudos to our talented designers: Brice McGowen; Nijel Taylor; Scott Buschkuhl; Fernanda Canellas; Kira Sea; Sumin Park; Mary Marques; Gizem Karatas; Ze Wang; Amanda Bowers Wong; Regina Puno; Mei Wing Chan; Ariel Duong; James Snook; and Matteo Di Iorio.

Learn more about some of the other exciting initiatives we have planned for Pride month here.

Brice McGowen, Associate Creative Director, NY

Fernanda Canellas, Senior Designer, NY

Scott Buschkuhl, Creative Director, NY

Mary Marques, Design Director, NY

Amanda Bowers Wong, Design Director, NY

Ze Wang, Designer, NY

Regina Puno, Design Director, NY

Nijel Taylor, Design Director, NY

Kira Sea, Design Director, NY

Gizem Karatas, Senior Designer, NY

Sumin Park, Designer, NY

Mei Wing Chan, Associate Creative Director, San Francisco

Ariel Duong, Senior Designer, Los Angeles

James Snook, Senior Designer, London

Matteo Di Iorio, Senior Designer, London