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With less than one week until Election Day in the U.S., record numbers of voters are casting their ballots via mail and in-person. One of the most photographed design elements of Election Day is the iconic ‘I Voted’ sticker voters proudly wear and share across social media platforms.

Inspired by the energy and enthusiasm surrounding voter turnout, our New York design team reimagined the American voting emblem in a series of animations for people to download and share on their social channels. The magic of our design team is their ability to creatively problem-solve. Below you’ll find unique interpretations that reflect our design studio’s diverse thinking and bespoke approach. The team ideated on a wide range of ideas and approaches and we narrowed it down to 24 downloadable animated stickers. We’re posting new designs each day on our Instagram here.

Kudos to our talented designers, Douglas Sellers; Rafael Medina; Scott Buschkuhl; Tina Schoepflin; Brice McGowen; Sumin Park; Elizabeth Motolese;  Mary Marques; Nijel Taylor; Kira Sea; Sumin Park; Fernanda Canellas; Boris Poletaev; and Ze Wang.