Going above the baseline

Making insurance fit for the 21st century


Established in 2015, Digital Risks set out with a bold ambition: to provide innovative, customizable protection for small businesses on a flexible monthly subscription basis. As the fledgling startup evolved, it watched its scope and capabilities surpass those of the technology sector. Digital Risks needed a complete brand refresh to support rapid scaling among the company’s two divisions—online insurance aimed at all SMEs and advised insurance specializing in emerging markets.


We interviewed existing and potential customers and uncovered that evolving the brand with a compelling purpose would fulfill audience needs. Developed around setting a higher standard for business insurance and embracing the inherent risk of running a business, we positioned the revitalized brand as a partner that elevates customers to find the freedom they need to thrive.


We helped the brand discover its purpose, a new name and visual identity to create the standout and meaning it deserves. Superscript flips the perception of business insurance from corporate and stodgy to empowering and inspirational. Its embrace of risks inherent in the business world and the bravery and commitment required to embrace said risk is the thread connecting the revitalized brand to its growing audience.

The logo is confidently different, with a slightly eccentric serif face to reflect Superscript’s values. Its optimized construction creates a sense of balance and elegance.
The baseline represents the standard expectation of the traditional insurance industry. By raising the wordmark above this line, we symbolize how Superscript elevates the standard for its customers, partners and people.
The asterisk became Superscript's brand symbol. It is associated with the fine print in insurance, which is often difficult to understand and frequently overlooked. But the devil's in the detail. The small print is critical, and the bold asterisk symbolizes a promise to redefine its meaning.
With abstract ideas typically challenging to represent with imagery, we used glyphs in the visual identity system to convey complex or abstract ideas.


Siegel+Gale objectively understood our world and our audience in a way I’ve not seen matched by any other agency. We collaborated in an agile way working together to push boundaries. With best-in-class naming, design, insight and strategy teams, I would strongly recommend Siegel+Gale to any brand–big or small–needing to reinvent themselves for success.

Mai Fenton, CMO, Superscript