Home sweet (smart) home

Simplifying the smart home experience


In 2018, more than a century after inventor Albert Butz developed the “damper flapper”—the predecessor to the iconic thermostat—Honeywell’s home business was opening a new door. Honeywell’s homes and ADI Global Distribution businesses were spun off into an independent, publicly traded company. With the goal of simplifying the smart home experience and a short turnaround time, we partnered with the Fortune 100 technology company to name the spinoff and shape the new brand’s positioning and identity.


The spinoff’s new identity needed to reflect Honeywell’s storied past, the promise of connecting technology and the deep devotion people have for protecting their residences. This is achieved through solutions built on a 130+ year heritage of taking care of the home and workplace and creating forward-looking technology. So, the spinoff needed to represent the new technology company’s innovative focus on your entire home—the smart, connected home.


We arrived at Resideo: a portmanteau of the words “residence” and “presidio,” a garrison or fortress. The new name cues the idea of connected spaces. With Honeywell’s legacy of engineering reliable and quality products, customers trust the brand can create something for any situation. So, for Resideo’s brand identity, we took inspiration from this concept. “We give you control and confidence in the spaces most important to you” is the core idea of the new brand platform. For the logo, the clean, geometric form illustrated in Resideo’s design calls to the first letter of the new company’s name, as well as the look of architectural floorplans. Passionate about bringing homes into the modern era, the $4.5 billion business is at the forefront of the next wave in consumer technology.