Mount Sinai

Taking healthcare to new heights

Helping a renowned medical institution reach its peak


As one of New York’s most respected healthcare institutions, Mount Sinai Medical Center had a rich history of medical excellence and research innovation. But it lacked a clear and compelling way to demonstrate what made it special, making it difficult for the organization to stand out in a city full of prominent hospital systems.


Over time, inconsistent communications and the lack of a distinct, integrated identity had diluted the brand’s heritage and power. Patients needed clarity on how Mount Sinai’s practices were organized, and the medical center needed to tell a larger story to bring out its greatest strengths—scientific advancements, a pioneering spirit, visionary leadership and a collaborative approach.


Based on Mount Sinai’s goal to “expand the possibilities of medicine,” we crafted a narrative around the institution’s ability to adapt to the ever-changing healthcare industry. Guided by our story, we created a simpler brand experience across the board by streamlining the brand architecture, creating a new name and brand identity for the multidisciplinary Faculty Practice—now Mount Sinai Doctors—and modernizing the medical center’s logo and visual identity system.

Inspired by Mount Sinai’s biblical namesake, our visual identity features dynamic, interconnected lines and a fresh color combination to communicate the idea of forward momentum and a commitment to integration.

We believe that our patients, employees, students and other external constituents feel more confident in a brand that is clearer, simpler and more consistent—one that reflects the Mount Sinai experience itself.

Leonard Achan, Former Chief Marketing & Communications Officer, Mount Sinai