New Orange Global Foundries logo over a split yellow and white background


Delivering a new era of more

Accelerating growth for America's leading semiconductor manufacturer


It’s likely that many of the products you use every day—from your phone to your automobile—are made with semiconductor chips that GlobalFoundries (GF) manufactured. Given how pervasive their technology is, they play a vital role in our lives today, as well as how technology advances. In 2018, they pursued a new business strategy and doubled down on process technology solutions that enable smarter, not smaller, chip design. The bold new direction resulted in a transformation for the company, and they needed a brand story and visual identity to reflect the new GF.


By working closely with GlobalFoundries, our team identified an opportunity for the brand to own a challenger position in an industry that has been conditioned to think innovation happens only at the bleeding edge on single-digit nanometer nodes. But GF’s distinctive approach of taking process technologies and adding unique features tailored to application and market is proof that innovation happens at all technology nodes. That unique type of innovation, combined with a completely customer-centric view that allows them to be true partners and being the only semiconductor manufacturer with a global footprint are significant attributes that differentiate GlobalFoundries. 


These insights laddered up to the core idea of ‘Delivering a new era of more’ which was articulated to convey that GF is a catalyst for change that maximizes the impact of semiconductor technology to deliver more capabilities, efficiencies and intelligence. We designed a new logo, capitalized on GF’s distinctive warm color palette, and used simple typography to create a cohesive visual identity. These elements, coupled with GF’s new bold and transformative business strategy, work together to create an identity that communicates their impact, captures their challenger spirit, and visually expresses the strategic positioning of delivering a new era of more.


With a better representation of who they are and what they stand for, GF will continue to be a facilitator for change, while driving differentiation, innovation, and growth in the semiconductor industry. 

Global Foundries Billboard with orange logo next to text that says “intelligence = innovation = , impact”
To capture the idea of GF as a catalyst for change, we designed the logo on the foundation of a colon symbol, allowing GF to connect words and images that communicate the cause and effect of their technology and its outcomes. Formally, the G and the F share a central shape to reflect GF’s approach to maximizing semiconductor technology and doing more with less.
Global Foundries new website design with a student, engineer, and text that says “purpose = impact”
Global Foundries new visual identity on their website
Global Foundries new visual identity featured on a yellow power bank and t-shirt
We developed a warm, light color palette to stand out in a sea of blue competitors. An evolution of their previous orange allows GF to retain their existing equity in that color, and a new bright yellow reflects their bold personality while infusing optimism and warmth.
Global Foundries new website design on an iPad in white and yellow
Global Foundries keynote presentation that says “Driving a new era of autonomous vehicles forward”
The photography style prominently features people to bring forward a human touch that’s lacking in the semiconductor manufacturing space. A documentary-style approach captures the visionaries and makers behind the scenes, as well as the end users benefited by GF’s technology.
Electronic Global Foundries billboard showing the number of locations, clients, and patents
Global Foundries Badges featuring an employee and text that says “create embrace partner deliver”
iPhone with Global Foundries new orange logo design over a white, yellow, and purple background


Three months after unveiling their new brand, GF started trading on the Nasdaq stock exchange. Raising nearly $2.6 billion in their IPO with Nasdaq, GF marked the largest U.S. IPO by proceeds raised in 2021 and the largest semiconductor IPO in history.

With a better representation of who they are and what they stand for, GF received 79,030 site page views on the day the corporate rebrand launched and since then, pageview traffic has increased by 159% and social media referrals have also increased by 147%.