From the inside out

Linking the brand to the benefit


Under new ownership, DSM Sinochem, a global manufacturer of antibiotics, statins, and antifungals, needed to change its name and branding. With a tight legal timeline matched with ambitious global growth plans, we had to act swiftly to create an entirely new brand capable of powering expansion while maintaining the prestigious heritage of the company.


We conducted qualitative research over a six-month timeline. This included best practice audits, 10 customer and partner decision mapper interviews and 13 stakeholder interviews. From this, we discovered our client is a silent leader where products are key ingredients in many widely used medicines and are far from being braggadocio. We developed a differentiating promise of progressive, global, and partners, with a brand idea based around “central” and “essential.”


Our naming team developed the name Centrient stemming from “central” and “nutrient;” the name showcases the company as one that prides itself on speaking to patient-centricity and being at the center of modern, global healthcare. As an ingredient manufacturer, the contribution Centrient makes to global health is often overlooked. The visual identity aims to correct this by showcasing the role and benefit that Centrient brings to the medicine supply chain.

The logo for Centrient was inspired by the company's position at the heart of the medicine production supply chain. The components of the monogram emanating outwards from the center to reflect their growing positive impact on the world.
Centrient has a unique illustrative graphic system inspired by the thick and thin forms of the logo called ‘The Link.’ A fluid, elegant and organic line that shows the benefit of the companies products—the link can form illustrations, be used on top of photography or simply as a graphic device to add emphasis to content.
Centrient uses a vibrant blue to demonstrate its bold, fresh approach. This bright, modern and optimistic feel helps the brand stand out in the pharmaceutical industry.
A range of portraits of the staff was created that utilize the brand identity for use as part of an employee engagement program.
The brand launched internally with a global roadshow, with the local markets self-initiating a range of ways to celebrate the launch—with cake, paintings inspired by the brand art, a toast and even a religious offering.


Our bold and creative new name and logo showcase our company as one which prides itself on being at the center of modern healthcare, through our life-saving active pharmaceutical ingredients and finished dosage forms. Now as Centrient Pharmaceuticals, we have an amazing opportunity to build a strong and differentiated brand in the generic pharmaceutical industry.

Karl Rotthier, (Former) Chief Executive Officer, Centrient